Sun. Jun 13th, 2021
    Soorya Menon Bigg Boss

    Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss Season 3 ended with a lot of events. But Sunday started as a lot of fun. The contestants arrived on Sunday happy, forgetting the quarrel and compromise. There was no discussion on Sunday at the Bigg Boss House about the incident of the previous day.

    The weekend episode started by talking about love. Mohanlal had asked everyone about their love. I asked Adoni and Angel that they were close friends and that they were not in love with each other. He also told Angel I love you with Adoni.

    Then it was the turn of the clock. I asked about the season. But Manikuttan said in an interesting reply that he was not given a chance. Ritu also said that there is no such thing between them. Next was the turn of the sun. Mohanlal asked Soorya about her love, saying, “Someone is in love with someone in their mind.” But Soorya replied that it should be kept in mind.

    Surya later confessed openly about her love. Mohanlal asked if it was already there. But the answer was a shy laugh. Mohanlal said that they should find out who it is. “I like it anyway, but I like it with respect,” Soorya said. Mohanlal ended her love affair by saying, “Are you in love with me?”

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