Sat. Jul 31st, 2021
    Comedy Actor Ali Bigg Boss telugu

    Every day a new thing about Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is coming out. The show is getting a lot of attention from people as they are curious about the upcoming season. Meanwhile, there is also a discussion on social media about who is going to feature as contestants. Especially the names of 10 other people, including YouTube sensation Shanmukh Jaswant are also well heard.

    Contestants also look good this time around. It seems that many controversial people are being invited to the show this time around. Bigg Boss is also reportedly inviting senior actresses like Surekha Vani, who is active on social media.

    It seems that an unexpected contestant is coming along with them this time. He is Ali. Comedian Ali. With 40 years of experience in the industry, he has acted in over 1000 films. The organizers are thinking of ways to bring this about. Surely the show range will also increase if Ali comes. TRP is also expected to increase hugely if a legendary comedian like him goes home. That’s why the star is ours to persuade Ali to do so anyway. Ali is also being offered a hefty remuneration for this.

    Meanwhile, Ali does not appear in many movies. He is busy on television. On the other hand, he is doing fun shows with Ali along with the Yamali serial. Star Ma invites him to take a break for a few days and come into Bigg Boss. It also seems to be offering an unexpected reward for it. And if Ali agrees to this .. but if he does come, the show range will definitely change.

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