Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

    One Piece manga has entered the Chapter 1020. One Piece Chapter 1020, according to reports will feature Luffy’s hybrid form and will release on August 1, 2021. The wait is long but the theories are ready, and the speculations are on. As on Chapter 1019, the fight with Who’sWho and Junbei has unearthed some important points. We have learnt some secrets about the mysterious Sun God Nika. The war in Onigashima is very much on, and Luffy is very much off the scene.

    One Piece Chapter 1020 Raws and Spoilers

    • Who’s Who reveals that he knows that Luffy’s hat belongs to Shanks. So, there will be interaction with the returned Luffy.
    • Who’s Who has revealed he was rescued by the Sun Pirates. Junbei refuses to let him elaborate.
    • Sanji Vs Queen continue to fight it out. Zoro has had a recovery injection.
    • Luffy wakes up, and as screams for meat, as he is back to his usual gluttonous self.
    • Yamato has grown as stronger, and even surprised Kaido in the battle.
    • Yamato ate the Devil Fruit due to intense hunger since she didn’t know any better.
    • So now, we have Who’s Who vs Jinbei, Sanji vs Queen (Zoro will join them).
    • Luffy who will join the fray.

    One Piece Chapter 1020 Theories

    • Beast Pirates have been disappointing the manga readers immensely.
    • Yamato’s Hybrid Form is hands down the most beautiful form in the whole manga.
    • Zoro Vs. King is much anticipated fight.
    • Fans suggest that there are Amaterasu parallels now. Yamato is showing certain kirin semblance too in her hybrid form.
    • Is she too strong to join the Straw Hats now? This is the burning question in the minds of the readers.
    • Will Tobi Roppo finally turn on Kaido? Theories suggest he might this showing the breakdown of the captain and first mate relationship.

    The chapters are going on an intense stage, so let’s see if we can wait to catch up to the breathless action of the magazine. Oda is pushing readers into new territories and it is exhilarating.

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