Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

    Boku no Hero Academia 321 will reveal the full-fledged fight between Deku versus Class 2-A. Tentatively titled “Deku v.s. Class”, it will be released on August 1, 2021. Boku no Hero Academia is taking a hiatus this week on account of the Tokyo Olympics. This next chapter will feature Deku taking on all his classmates. Deku is in a dark place mentally, and is traumatized. He is lashing out at his loved ones and is taking destructive steps. The panel of Deku struggling with his demon’s mirrors Tomura’s showing how depressed he has become.

    Deku has almost 45.5% control of his Full Cowl Form, and has contact with all the vestiges of One for All. Even, the vestiges warn Deku of his mental breakdown. The class 2-A decided to take matters into their own hands after receiving a distressing letter from Delu. They confronted pro hero Endeavor and took Deku’s location. Bakugo especially showed immense maturity by trying to reason with Deku.

    Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 321 Spoilers

    • Bakugo’s fourth wall comment, that Deku is drawn differently is the only light moment in the otherwise grim chapter.
    • The intervention though done in the right reason, might end badly.
    • Deku is very upset to process his friend’s actions, and there is a massive miscommunication.
    • Bakugo has taken the mantle to protect and save Deku.
    • A good close up of all of Deku’s classmates and their ardent wish to see their friend back home.
    • Momo pointing out that Eri will miss him is a true tearjerker.

    Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 321 Theories

    • Deku will defeat his classmates brutally.
    • Deku will not return to UA as a student.
    • Stain will play an integral role, he might help Deku escape and make sure that Deku is far away from his friends.
    • Uraraka might confess her feelings for Deku. She has also become jaded about the Hero society as a result of Deku’s actions.
    • Finally, the UA traitor will be revealed in the skirmish.
    • Bakugo will have breakdown in the upcoming chapters driven by the fact that he was unable to help Deku.
    • Mineta and Hagakure might be able to use their quirks to bring some sort of a truce.

    According to reports, fans are swinging two ways either the series remains dark or it gives Deku a proper resolution on his ideas. But one thing is certain he cannot return to UA, that part of Deku’s life is over.

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