Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

    Kingdom anime is on roll, and has redeemed itself. The fans of the manga are happy with the production values and the way they are sticking to the manga’s plotline. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 15 will be released by July 26, 2021. The netizens are abuzz with the spoilers which will be revealed. The manga will also be on hiatus, so all eyes are on the anime for this season.

    The previous production simply didn’t do enough justice to the manga. So, on December 2019, the manga was given to a completely new production team. This team has managed to create massive hype and bring the anime adaption to life. The anime will be out on AnimeLab and Funimation for viewers across different countries to enjoy.

    Kingdom Season 3 Episode 15 Spoilers

    • The episode is to be tentatively titled, ‘The Strongest Man’.
    • Meng Wu suffers a devastating defeat.
    • Han is proud of himself for defeating Meng Wu.
    • Han Ming’s men will attack and ruin Meng’s sneaky plan.
    • Meng Wu is unconscious and he dreams of His Majesty calling out to him.
    • Han Ming’s men attack as predicted and have caused massive chaos.
    • Meng suddenly wakes up, and the tides have turned.

    Kingdom Season 3 Episode 15 Theories

    • Meng Wu v.s Hang Min, the Mightiest are duking it out.
    • Wa Lin is clear that no one can take Hang Min’s place as a man and a general.
    • Wa Lin is clear that she will finish off Meng Wu, she has her plan in mind and will go for it.
    • Meng Wu will defeat Han Ming, and Xin takes one more step forward.
    • Meng has his heart in the right place, he is proud of his title but his loyalty is unparalleled.
    • Xin has taken one more step to achieve his goal towards a unified China.

    It is easy to watch anime series on pirated forums. But as viewers let’s respect the hard work of the animators and translators who bring in immense precision to the anime we enjoy at a click.

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