Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
    Anchor Ravi Bigg Boss Telugu

    Anchor Ravi is active on social media and always responds to his followers. He gives witty responses to netizens’ questions on social media. So he is always in touch with his fans. Whatever the other person comments, Ravi responds with a smile. So the anchor Ravi’s jokes with his fans and the answers he gives to them go viral on social media. Recently, things related to the Bigg Boss entry regarding Anchor Ravi are going viral.

    Rumors are coming that Anchor Ravi is going to be in the fifth season of Bigg Boss. Until then, Ravi had said that he would not go to the Bigg Boss show. However, the name of anchor Ravi in ​​the list of Bigg Boss fifth season contestants continues to come in the form of leaks. However, a netizen asked Ravi the same question. He was asked if he was going to appear as a contestant on the show. Anchor Ravi satirized the rumors that something was amiss.

    Recently, however, the question of the Bigg Boss show was raised once again. Ravi recently shared a video. In it, he says that he will definitely get a full body checkup once a year and once every six months for the grandmothers at home. But is it for Bigg Boss?

    Will similar tests be done on the Bigg Boss show? Asked a netizen. I do it every year; Ravi indirectly said that it is not for the Bigg Boss show. All in all, these Bigg Boss rumors are still haunting Ravi.

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