Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

    Dance Deewane 3 has been on a resurgence. The show which was going to be cancelled rose from the ashes, the judge Madhuri Dixit has been instrumental. The contestants too have upped the ante and have competed to give amazing performances. As with most shows, this episode of Dance Deewane 3 is featuring some special guest stars and will celebrate a great theme.

    Javed Akhtar and Kriti Sanon are this week’s guest’s and the theme is 100 years of Cinema. So, the performers are dancing to some older songs with a refreshing twist. Akhtar seems to be having a blast in the promos encouraging and motivating the contestants to give their best.

    Dance Deewane 3 100 saal Cinema ka Special

    Contestant Gunjan has given a hip-hop this retro song, and it has some amazing response. The judges are enthusiastic and recognise her creativity. Kriti Sanon even joined her on stage, and danced with her.

    Somansh and Akash combined hip-hop and breakdance moves to a retro song with a snazzy twist. Akhtar called the performance  ‘unbelievable’ and thoroughly praised the contestant.

    Dance Deewane 3 Elimination Updates

    Sr no.Contestant NameFromGenerationStatus
    1Sohail KhanAligarh1stIn Top 10
    2Gunjan SinhaGuwahati1stIn Top 10
    3Aman Kumar RajRanchi1stIn Top 10
    4Somansh DangwalNew Delhi1stIn Top 10
    (23rd May 2021)
    5Presha ShahAhmedabad1stEliminated
    (9th May 2021)
    6Uday SinghNeemuch2ndEliminated
    (13th June 2021)
    7Piyush GurbheleNagpur2ndIn Top 10
    8Papai-AntaraBarasat2ndIn Top 10
    (23rd May 2021)
    9Arundhati GarnaikMumbai2ndIn Top 10
    10Sahil & AnjaliDelhi2ndEliminated
    (4th July 2021)
    (9th May 2021)
    (13th June 2021)
    13Ajay-Shilpa PhalkeKolhapur3rdEliminated
    (9th May 2021)
    14Pallavi TolyeMumbai3rdIn Top 10
    15Yogesh AsawaleMumbai3rdEliminated
    (9th May 2021)
    16Soochana ChorrgeMumbai3rdIn Top 10
    17Saddam SheikhMumbai2ndIn Top 10
    18Creative Dance CrewSaphala2ndEliminated
    (4th July 2021)

    According to reports, from this week onwards there will be eliminations taking place with one contestant leaving the competition every week.

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