Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    Tokyo Revengers is one of the most well-drawn shonen manga in a very long time. It is so much so, that the anime often doesn’t capture the beauty of the manga. The manga is coming to an end soon, and the netizens are abuzz with theories, and how they think the manga would end. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 has made an incredible revelation about the gang Brahman’s leader, and it is the gender reveal of 2021. This chapter will release on August 12, 2021, but a few of the raws have been leaked.

    Tokyo Revengers follows young Takemichi who has mysterious powers of time travel. Since his life has taken a miserable path, and his ex-girlfriend is killed. He decides to travel back in time and change his life, and save his ex. The story is thrilling, and has shown teenage delinquency in a surprisingly humane manner.

    Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Spoilers

    • Brahman’s leader is a girl named Senju. Senju was theorized to be a male due to the masculine nature of the name. But, this reveal has thrown the theory out of the window.
    • The title of the chapter is, “Have Never Seen Anything Like It”.
    • Senju talks about her two siblings, and her deep love for them.
    • A few of the panels show her behaving in a bubbly and sweet manner which is adorable.
    • Takemichi has a disturbing vision. He sees himself holding a bleeding and dead Senju in his arms.
    • He meets with Draken, and as they are travelling. He sees his hands covered in blood.
    • This is a new development since Takemichi hasn’t had visions about the future.
    • Draken introduces Takemichi to the man who has raised him.

    Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Theories

    • Takemichi and Draken will team-up, and to bring down the other gangs.
    • Inupi will play a bigger role in this arc, by working with these two.
    • Senju’s abilities could be equal to Mikey’s because she has risen in male dominated world. But her weakness could be her stamina and she could be a martial arts ace.
    • If she even a bit close to Mikey’s level, this could be helpful for Team Takemichi.

    This arc is reaching the zenith, and it seems the stakes have never been higher.

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