Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    One Piece has been hitting so many strides as of yet. The famed manga has returned after taking a break the Tokyo Olympics. One Piece Chapter 1021 will release this Sunday on August 8, 2021. This chapter is anticipated because it will continue the events which are taking place in the war at Onagashima. As the previous chapters have delved into the relationship between Yamato and Kaido. Kaido and Yamato are locked in heavy battle.

    We have also seen some mysterious Sun God Nika, and his relationship with Who’s Who. Junbei and Who’s Who are in locked in battle, and as for now. The battle worked to Junbei’s favour but Who’s Who has gone out with some mysterious words.

    One Piece Chapter 1021 Spoilers

    • The chapter is titled “ Demonio”.
    • The cover features Franky and Senor Pink crying in a bar with a leopard bartender while drinking something mysterious.
    • Robin and Black Maria are in locked in heavy battle. The new attack is called “Sea Serpent”. Maria uses “Maria’s Net”.
    • Robin takes heavy damage from Maria, and uses her spider powers to maim and attack Robin’s main body.
    • “ I think no flower can bloom in the sea of flowers,” Maria adds to Robin debasing her abilities and talents as a fighter.
    • Nico Robin goes to the past, and thinks on her time in the Revolutionary Army. She reminisces about the attack she had learnt at that time. The attack was “Gyojin Karate”.
    • Like a phoenix, Robin rises and uses her attack “Demonio Fleur”. She transforms into a black demon with bat wings, horns and fangs.
    • Black Maria is stunned with fear, and screams for her life.
    • Robin coldly defeats her ensuring that she falls unconscious.
    • The chapter ends with Momonosuke wanting Shinobu to do something for him.

    One Piece Chapter 1021 Theories

    • Yamato will definitely join the Straw Hats.
    • Is this form show the true awakening of Robin? Fan theories are running amok in this direction.
    • Robin’s moment and her transformation has been one of the most epic parts of this arc.
    • Has Robin developed her Haki, seems to be a question in fan’s minds.

    The chapters will continue to better and better. The fights more epic, and the friendships more heart-warming.

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