Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
    assassination classroom season 2

    Assassination Classroom is of those off-beat mangas with a great fanbase. The story is wacky but also balances heart-warming moments in the right places. The anime adaptation of this manga won rave reviews, and hence was renewed for the second season. The author Shōgo Kinugasa wrote this book in the early 2015, then the adaptation started on 2017. The first two seasons were very well received, but there was a strange hiatus. It is uncertain whether it is possible to hope for a third season.

    The show follows a class of high school students who are ostracized from all areas of life. These students are seen as expendable, and such students are taught techniques to kill their homeroom teacher lovingly called Koro-sensei. In these ways, the students enter their unforgettable high-school life. In their young lives, they are forced to pit themselves and their lives to kill their sensei.

    Assassination Classroom Season 3 Spoilers

    • The first season ended with the protagonist winning, and earning his title as the most dangerous student.
    • Koro-sensei is still alive, and the world is still in danger.
    • The students are still plotting to save the world earn the amount, and most of all solve the tricky Koro-sensei.
    • The students are improving, there are also bonding with Koro sensei will it affect their killing intent?
    • It seems they will continue to trick and charm their way through the plot.

    Assassination Classroom Season 3 Release Date

    • There is no proper date as of yet, no idea when it would be picked up.
    • Fans are campaigning hard, but there is a lot of doubt.
    • It is uncertain whether Crunchyroll or Studio Lerche will continue it.

    Let’s wait and watch !

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