Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    Boku no Hero Academia is on a roll nowadays. Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 324 will reveal the aftermath of Deku’s return. In the previous chapters we saw how Deku was traumatised by Lady Nagant’s death and broke down. The class of 2-A joined forces and decided to bring him back. Deku was completely out of it and the students had to rally and bring him back. He is emotionally and physically drained and he is under a lot of stress.

    In this chapter Deku will face the fall-out of the public opinions. This will have an impact on his journey as a hero. Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 324 will be released on August 29, on Sunday.

    Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 324 Spoilers

    • The chapter is titled, “A Teenager’s Request”.
    • The citizens are in an angry mood. They want Deku to stay away from UA.
    • It is raining heavily reflecting the mood of all the characters.
    • The news crews are relentlessly stalking Deku.
    • Best Jeanist has taken over and is trying to explain how Deku is a valuable person and shouldn’t be condemned.
    • The crowd gets even more agitated and readies to attack.
    • Ochako gets in and starts her speech.
    • She points out that the heroes themselves are scared, and everyone is in pain. She privately wonders as to who will save the heroes.
    • She then exclaims, ” Let him stay in My Hero Academia”. Title drop achieved.
    • She points out all the sacrifice Deku has made and in a stirring speech brings everyone to his side.
    • The giant woman reach out, thus showing the citizens are on his side.

    Ochaku is truly the highlight of the chapter, her words and her actions have brought the manga back on track. The next few chapters will reveal the realisation of her actions, and hopefully it should pan out well.

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