Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    One Piece is going on a break neck pace. The action, and the thrilling storyline hasn’t taken a break. One Piece Chapter 1023 which is releasing this weekend August 29 has something up its sleeve. This chapter features the return of the main character Luffy, and a surprise transformation. This chapter will bring to the fore many of the questions which has remained dormant till now.

    There is also one other important news in relation to One Piece. The manga’s historic Volume 100 will be released the next week in Japan. This is an exciting news for all long-time readers. This chapter will also be compiled in the manga volume 100.

    One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers

    • This chapter will be titled, ‘As alike as two peas in a pod’ and opens with Queen and King recovering from the attack from Zoro and Sanji.
    • Marco remembers Shirohige told him about a ‘land of the gods on the Red Line’ as the fight continues.
    • The Queen berates Sanji calling him a cyborg.
    • Chopper and the subordinates of the Beast Pirates are surprised to see the effects of Mink’s medicine on the King and Queen.
    • Ryuma seems to have the same scar that Sanji has which is very mysterious.
    • Momonosuke, then has a surprise tranformation he then becomes an adult at 28 years old. He also flexes his new powers and further transforms into a giant dragon in front of Luffy.
    • This is an awesome moment since the Straw Hats have found hope now.
    • Luffy shouts that they are going to enter the fray and bring back Wanokuni.
    • The battle rages on.

    The upcoming chapters will reveal the results of this historic battle. But this chapter is the perfect end to the Volume 100. Luffy has returned, stronger than ever, and the Straw Hats are on the path to greatness.

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