Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

    Chainsaw Man is the manga series we all love. The story has some incredible art, characters and one of the best twists in Shounen manga. This is the manga that has redefined the entire Shounen manga. MAPPA the giant, which has created two of the best adaptations. Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan Final Season. Netizens and fans were amazed when the teaser was released last month.

    According to sources and reports, the Chainsaw Man will be out in the Fall. It will be a core part of the Fall Anime of this year. The reports put this around October to November. This is the perfect time to release this grisly yet wonderful anime. Reports also suggest that Netflix will be the host to this show. But as of yet that is also up in the air.

    Chainsaw Man Plot Details

    Denji is a 16 year old, living in a post-apocalyptical world. Denji has sold his eye, his kidney and various organs and is still under massive debt. In a world populated by Devils, Denji has a unique pet devil called The Chainsaw Devil. He is alone, scared and is living in desperate poverty. He works as a freelance devil hunter along with his adorable pet devil Pochita.

    Denji and Pochita are all alone in this scary world, and only have each other. The story has many themes from love to control. This is one of those mangas that started off a simple tangent but has developed immensely. This article will not have any spoilers. But Chainsaw Man is one of those rare Shounen that explores what it means to be human. What is all that matters in the end. The anime adaptation has to capture the grisly yet the honest portrayal of gore, and also of humanity. Will MAPPA be able to satisfy the fans, let’s wait and watch!


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