Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    Super Singer 8 is on a roll. Season 8 has been controversial, from an audience favourite leaving the competition to one of the judges refusing to be associated with the show for the upcoming seasons. In all this the viewers were also upset with the callous disregard by the showrunners. Hence, keeping all this in mind, the showrunners set up the Wild Card round. In this round, one of the audience favourites would come back to show was the finalist.

    But, to the surprise of all not one contestant not one but two of them returned to the show. They were the audience favourites Sridhar Sena and Manasi. This was a complete surprise and the competition has just gotten fiercer.

    Super Singer Season 8 Winner Predictions

    The six finalists are :

    • Muthuchippi
    • Bharath
    • Anu Anand
    • Abilash
    • Sridhar Sena
    • Manasi

    Sridhar Sena has a massive fanbase. When he was eliminated the hashtag ‘justiceforsridharsena’ began to trend. He won the wildcard entry in a landslide, and his talent is unmatched. Manasi was a surprise entry, but her voice and her power-packed performances makes her a worthy contender. Abilash, Bharath and Anu are also beloved contestants.

    According to reports and analysts, Sridhar would be the winner of the show. His powerful vocals, and his incredible fanbase makes a sure-fire contestants. No matter what, we can look forward to more power packed performances in the upcoming weeks.

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