Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

    It is the sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. Last week was filled with drama and with many fights amongst the contestants. So this week looks like it is starting off with a bang. With the festivals coming in, the showrunners are planning something devious and fun.

    This week’s nomination is lost, only 4 members are safe. A whooping 10 members are under nominations this week. Vishwa, Jessie, Ravi, Maanas, Priyanka, Lobo, Siri, Sunny, Swetha, and Sreerama Chandra are under danger. Priya, Anne Master, RJ Kajal, and Shanmukh are not in the nominations for this week

    Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Results

    Here are the unofficial voting results for today:

    • Sunny – 21.12% (4152 votes)
    • Sreeram – 18.37% (3611 votes)
    • Siri – 11.55% (2270 votes)
    • Maanas – 9.58% (1883 votes)
    • Jessie – 9.20% (1809 votes)
    • Ravi – 8.50% (1671 votes)
    • Priyanka – 6.10% (1199 votes)
    • Vishwa – 5.20% (1022 votes)
    • Lobo – 5.19% (1021 votes)
    • Swetha – 5.19% (1021 votes)

    It seems Lobo and Swetha are in trouble this week. The other contestants may scrap through. Both Lobo and Swetha have been on the receiving end of viewers and netizens alike. They are blamed for their poor performance and their attitude. This week has many things lined up. Let’s wait and watch.

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