Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

India’s Best Dancer has filled the void of all the dance shows. This 2nd season will also be judged by our 3 judges Terence Lewis, Malaika Arora and Geeta Kapoor. It will be hosted and presented by Manish Paul. The judges and the host have excellent chemistry and this has led to the popularity of the show.

The participants are delighted and they are ready to bring their best to the show. It seems that this week will start the set up to an elimination. The showrunners want to keep the momentum going, and so they are going to keep the contestants working towards success.

India’s Best Dancer First Elimination Updates

Here are the list of the contestants-

Sr No. Contestant Name From Status
1 Dr. Saumya Pune In Top 12
2 Sanket Gaonkar Karnataka In Top 12
3 Apeksha Sukheja Mumbai In Top 12
4 Zamroodh Calicut In Top 12
5 Raktim Thakuria Guwahati In Top 12
6 Roza Rana Odisha In Top 12
7 Kanchi Shah Mumbai In Top 12
8 Akash Tambedkar Mumbai In Top 12
9 Gourav Sarwan Jaipur In Top 12
10 Rajendra Bishnoi Bikaner In Top 12
11 Muskan Singh Bhopal In Top 12
12 Milind Bhatt Lucknow In Top 12
13 Hardik Rawat Jaipur Not Selected
14 Varun Dagar Haryana Not Selected
15 Meyitemsu Naga Nagaland Stand By
16 Vipul Kandpal Chandigarh Not Selected
17 Honey Singh Kanpur Not Selected
18 Sumit Chatterjee Kolkata Not Selected
19 Prerna Pune Not Selected
20 Vineet Kumar Khomcha Uttar Pradesh Not Selected
21 Ritesh Pal Chattisgarh Not Selected
22 PopNFlex Odisha Stand By
23 Anoop Parmar Dehradun Not Selected
24 Abir Rahman Kolkata Not Selected
25 Allen Dheeru Prayagraj Not Selected
26 Deva Sambara Jharkhand Stand By
27 Prachi Prajapati Nagpur Not Selected
28 Akash Shinde Delhi Not Selected
29 Dibbay Das Assam Stand By
30 Liladhar Not known Not Selected
31 Mohana Shrivastava Delhi Not Selected
32 Isha Sharma Mumbai Stand By

The first performance will be of Zamroodh with his choreographer Sonali Kar. Contestant Dibbay is going to perform the song “Allah Ke Bande” with his choreographer Pankaj. Raktim is set to present a beautiful performance with his choreographer Aryan Patra. Judge Geetha seems to be overwhelmed by the performances, and she will exclaim her love for the contestants.

It seems that Sunday’s episode will start off with an elimination. Netizens are clear one of the contestants will be in danger and leave the show. It seems that some contestants might also be a part of the show. Every contestant so far has been attached with a Super Guru to take them to the next level.

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