Fri. May 17th, 2024

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is on a roll. This week has been a roller coaster ride. As the show is coming to an end, the contestants are also feeling the pressure. Except for the previous captain Maanas, the remaining 7 contestants including Priyanka Singh, RJ Kajal, Siri Hanmanth, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Sriram Chandra and Ravi have been nominated for the weekend elimination.

The eliminations are on the horizon. This week has been an emotional one, it was time of reunions. Contestants in the house were on cloud nine after meeting their family members. They got some honest feedback from them. Shanmukh and Siri’s mothers weren’t happy with their relationship. Siri’s mother took a lot of anger and expressed that she is unhappy with their PDA.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Week 12 Elimination

Here are the nominated contestants for this week-

  • Siri Hanmanth
  • Shanmukh Jaswanth
  • RJ Kajal
  • Ravi
  • VJ Sunny
  • Sreerama Chandra
  • Priyanka Singh

According to unofficial sources here are the results-

  • Sunny – 31.10%
  • Shanmukh – 25.77%
  • Siri – 8.65%
  • Ravi – 8.64%
  • Kajal – 8.62%
  • SreeRama – 8.62%
  • Priyanka – 8.62%

As we can see three contestants have the same vote share. Amongst them Kajal is under maximum due to the fact that her performances have been lackluster. It seems we will be biding adieu to the charming RJ who had won a lot of hearts.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Voting Methods

If you want to pitch in and save your favourite contestants. Use any one of the following methods-

Give a missed call on any of the numbers related to the contestants.

Sr No. Contestant Name Missed Call Number
1 Siri 8886658201
2 VJ Sunny 8886658202
3 Lahari 8886658203
4 Sreerama 8886658204
5 Anee Master 8886658205
6 Lobo 8886658206
7 Priya 8886658207
8 Jaswanth 8886658208
9 Priyanka 8886658209
10 Shanmukh 8886658210
11 Hamida 8886658211
12 Natraj Master 8886658212
13 Sarayu 8886658213
14 Vishwa 8886658214
15 Uma Devi 8886658215
16 Maanas 8886658216
17 RJ Kajal 8886658217
18 Swetha 8886658218
19 Anchor Ravi 8886658219

Voting through Hotstar:

  • Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 voting process on Hotstar involves logging into the app.
  • You can search for Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 and see the pictures of the contestants.
  • Amongst them you can vote upto ten times a day.

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