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How would you feel if we tell you that every fantasy story that you ever imagined while growing up is an animated series in reality? We would be encouraged by the news. The monsters, the weapons, fairies, and fables, anime has it all. Thus, the animation world is gaining popularity at an exponential rate.

“World Trigger” is one such gem from the box of animation. It is an anime adaption of a popular Japanese manga series illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. The show made its debut in April 2016, and it became instantly popular amongst kids and teenagers. Now the series is finally ready for another season. Here is all you need to know about the same.

“World Trigger” Season 2 – Release Date

We have bittersweet news for all the WorTri fans. In the infamous Jump Fiesta 2020, the creators of the show announced that they would be renewing the series for another season. They also released the trailer for the upcoming season.

But they did not give the exact release date. Probably because, as a result of this pandemic, everything has come to a screeching halt. That means that there would certainly be a delay in the release of “World Trigger” Season 2. We can expect the show to air by the end of this year or the beginning of 2021.

“World Trigger” Season 2 – Cast

Since there were a lot of stories left to cover with each of the characters, we are hoping that the main characters will reprise their roles in the second season. The figures we are hoping to see are :

  • Yuma Kuga voiced by Tomo Muranaka
  • Osamu Mikumo voiced by Yuki Kaji
  • Chika Amatori voiced by Nao Tamura
  • Osamu Mikumo voiced by Brian Doe
  • Chika Amatori voiced by Caitlyn Bairstow
  • Ken Satori voiced by Tony Kim
  • Yuma Kuga voiced by Cathy Weseluck

Some new ones for sure will accompany these characters.

“World Trigger” Season 2 – Plot

The story revolves around the intertwined lives of humans and monsters called Neighbors. The first season left our plates full of unanswered questions. Thus, the second season would arrive with the answers to them. However, there is no official word regarding the plot of the upcoming season. Therefore we can’t say much about it.

The monsters kept attacking Mikado recklessly throughout the first season. We might get to see the reason behind those reckless attacks in the upcoming season. We might also get to know a little more about the monsters. Will the citizens of Mikado finally be able to breathe the fresh air of freedom? We will have to wait until the release of the second season to find out.

“World Trigger” – Storyline

Everything was moving as per its ordinary course until the ‘Gate’ to a different world swung open. Mikado City was under attack by these monsters called ‘Neighbors’ that entered through the gate. Humans were under grave danger as none of their weapons were potent to protect them from the monsters.

The organization called ‘National Defense Agency’ or ‘Border’ saves the day by defeating the monsters with their advanced weapons. These events continue for four years. Then a white-hair kid named Yuma Kuga transfers into the local school. Yuma is a muscular humanoid, and he needs protection from the Border at all costs. Mikumo takes it upon himself to introduce Yuma to the customs of Mikado City and protect him from the Border.

You can watch the trailer of “World Trigger” Season 2 below.

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