Thu. Apr 25th, 2024
BB5 Tamil vote result

The Bigg Boss Tamil TV show is about to begin its 12th week, and it promises to provide a bunch of entertaining content. The uninitiated Abhinay was kicked from the show last week, and its elimination shocked viewers and participants alike.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5, the Tamil-language Bigg Boss franchise, is getting good TRP ratings because the contestants provide unique, fresh material to the viewers. In yesterday’s episode, Priyanka and Niroop got into a fight because Niroop dismissed Priyanka for doing his job. Vijay TV recently aired a commercial looking ahead to the upcoming reunion.

Despite that, the award ceremony for the nomination task has not even begun. Nevertheless, media outlets report that the contenders for the 12th elimination are Cibi, Niroop, Pavani, Priyanka, Akshara, and Varun.

Akshara is predicted to get a red card later this week, while Niroop and Priyanka’s fans will work hard to prevent them from ranking first. However, last night, Niroop’s comments to Priyanka might have negatively affected Priyanka’s votes because most of her fans support Niroop.

They say that Niroop is right about Priyanka’s personality and gameplay. Let us wait and see the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 host who will be shown the door by Kamal Haasan this week.

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