Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
    Bigg Boss Ultimate voting result

    We will now look at the details of which two contestants were nominated by the contestants this week as the nomination foil is held each week on the Big Boss Ultimate show.

    • Niroop – Abirami, Suresh
    • Julie – Suresh, Sruthi
    • Abirami – Anita, Niroop
    • Balaji Murugadoss – Snehan, Vanitha
    • Suresh – Julie, Abhinay
    • Vanitha – Anita, Snehan
    • Suja – Abhinay, Suruthi
    • Anitha – Julie, Vanitha
    • Thaadi Balaji – Suresh, Thamarai
    • Snehan – Balaji Murugadoss, Niroop
    • Thamarai – Vanitha, Abhinay
    • Suruthi – Vanitha, Julie
    • Abhinay – Suresh, Vanitha
    • Shariq – Suresh, Vanitha

    Suresh, Vanitha, Julie, and Abhinay have been nominated the most from the above nomination information. Being the third day of voting, we can see that the voting result shows Abhinay or Suresh might get eliminated this week.

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