Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has been on a roll. Every week the show has churned out drama, entertainment and most of excitement. The show which is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna who is mentoring the contestants. It seems that the contestants are slowly creating their niche. In the previous week a major incident took place Nagarjuna took umbrage to the contestants.

    Nagarjuna has also pointed out rightly that the contestants have been behaving badly. He also took this time to point out to them that their abusive language is both demeaning and also causing unnecessary issues. The contestants apologised and there should be some changes from this week.

    Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Nominations for Week 3

    Last week, in a stunning twist last week, there were an elimination. Contestant Umadevi had to leave the show, her behaviour and demeanor had made her lose her valuable fanbase. So this week one contestant will be eliminated. Let’s take a look at the contestants who are nominated for this week.

    • RJ Kajal
    • Priyanka Singh
    • Priya
    • Manas
    • Sriram

    This is the third week that RJ Kajal has been nominated. It doesn’t look for this contestant who has been consistently failing all the tasks. It seems if Kajal wants to make it out of the nominations, they must be bold and make some sensational moves. Sriram, Manas and Priya are second time nominees. The results of this nomination will be revealed this Sunday.

    Bigg Boss Season 5 Week 3 Predictions

    • Kajal is flagging in comparison to the rest.
    • Priya is slowly finding her footing but is it too late.
    • Sriram and Manas are also trying to work through the tasks.
    • There will no fights this week, because Nagarjuna’s warning is to be taken very seriously.
    • Last week’s tasks were tough. This week’s tasks is highly anticipated because it will be game changer.


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