Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    Survivor Tamil has been making waves, and all for the right reasons. This show has been revolutionary, and its adaptation has made some stunning changes. The show which is hosted by actor Arjun has become a favourite of netizens and viewers. The show takes place in remote setting, and as the title of the show says, they must survivor.

    Survivor Tamil is a tough show to crack. Every week one participant is eliminated from the show through the tribal panchyath, the system is brutal but efficient. The participants then move on to the third island, and have a chance to return as Wild Card contestants.

    Survivor Tamil Elimination Details

    In the last tribal panchayath, it was for the Team Kadargal. The team had performed badly, and one of the contestants would leave. In these eliminations, even the captain isn’t safe. So, the host Arjun asked the team their thoughts on the same. The contestants get to vote and eliminate one person from their team. The team revealed that their captain Gayathri didn’t pass muster.

    Gayathri was unable to guide the team properly. Hence, the team failed the task, the contestants voted for her to be eliminated. Then, there was one final chance for Gayathri to redeem herself. The Idol Smash is the last ditch attempt and it was all about luck. If the smashed idol revealed gold coins the contestant was safe. If it was silver balls, the contestant would be out.

    It was silver balls, and Gayathri Reddy was eliminated. She will join the show was a Wildcard contestant, as for now she is in the third island.

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