Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Welcoming his granddaughter, Mohamed Hadid has expressed his joy by calling himself the youngest grandpa ever. The Real Estate Developer speaks up about his plans of spending time and taking his granddaughter to picnic spots. On being asked, what he would like to name his granddaughter, the father to 5 reveals what he would like to be called by her. He names himself “Jiddo” and expresses his joy over his granddaughter calling him by that name.
Official confirmation of the news was made when Zayn took to Instagram, posting a photo and captioning it to welcome his daughter lovely and healthful. Now that Zayn and Gigi are parents, both their families are joyous and expressing their love.
Hadid adds he’s never had been happier than he is currently, blessing both Zayn and Gigi. He spills his joy, expressing how he already is a grandpa to the second daughter he had from his first marriage. Hadid speaks about how faithful he is over his daughter, Gigi, taking care of her grandkid and raising her to make everyone in the family proud. The newly declared Jiddo adds he has many gifts and goodies lined up for his granddaughter that he would give when he meets her.

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