Thu. Dec 8th, 2022
    Sharon Stone addresses her fans on social media

    Sharon Stone has been reaching out to her fans and urging them to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.


    On Monday, she walked the talk as she sported a stylish face mask, thus helping to slow the spread of the virus.


    Sharon Stone, 62, star of Basic Instinct went out shopping in Beverly Hills. While doing so, she wore a striped T-shirt and a vertically striped mask.


    Los Angeles was sunny on Monday with a fresh fall air blowing. The star seemed to enjoy the nautical vibe in the air.


    Sharon wore a pair of tortoise hued sunglasses to protect her blue eyes. She tied her blonde hair back in a ponytail.


    Additionally, Stone donned a pair of sneakers and loose white slacks. She carried her mobile phone using a sling that went over her neck. A small shopping bag held her purchases.


    While getting out of her car, Sharon flashed a peace sign and seemed to be in a good mood. She has used social media in the recent past to express her views on politics and the coronavirus pandemic. Shes shared a few pictures of herself donning face masks. Stone urged her fans to remain indoors to keep themselves safe and slow the spread of the virus.

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