Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Bigg Boss Archana breaks rules

The fact that a group led by Archana is running in the Bigg Boss house has become a blunt truth for the spectators and the contestants. Even if the Archana group keeps saying that they are not a group, no one will believe it anymore. Netizens’ video source is currently going viral, proving that a group led by Archana is operating in this situation.

Archana, Som, Nisha, and Rio are sitting at the dining table and talking. Then Archana hides Som and Archana’s microphones and speaks secretly.

As soon as Anita was walking that side, Som and her microphone Archana adjusted and looked like they were normally sitting. One of the main rules of the Bigg Boss show is not to hide the mic. But it was outrageous that Archana was talking to Somsekar in disguise while hiding the Big Boss rules. What punishment will Big Boss give for this violation? Will Kamal Haasan condemn this? We will see in the coming days.

6 thoughts on “Archana and Som Shekar breaks rules inside Bigg Boss house, caught on video”
  1. 1. AARI is supported by so called followers calling themselves his Army and they deliberately abuse Bala supporters to intimidate them. Looks like a prearranged setup.
    2. Rio will openly practise groupism but becomes violent when somebody pin points it.
    3. Archana emphasises repeatedly that her Anbu is genuine but behind Bala she always conspires against him.
    4. Gabby is a double crosser.
    5. Jiten Ramesh may be sluggish but an interesting person.

  2. Kamal sir pls be strict don’t be so friendly with the house mate. Pls ask archana and nisha about their love bed. They come to bigg boss for this love bed? Pls

  3. Why Kamal sir did not ask Archana and som regarding the mic ???? they le the mic when discussing in th

    1. Archana..nisha is vj TV pillai so no one right to ask their mistake enjoy archana…..the title winner is Rio second achu thrid is no need waste time to vote for save people

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