Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024
Actress Sakshi Agarwal in rain

On the one hand, the government of Tamil Nadu and the people of Tamil Nadu are worried about the damage caused by the Nivar storm coming towards Tamil Nadu. Meme creators who see anything as comedy, on the other hand, are posting memes about the storm on the social website without leaving this Nivar storm.

Actresses who post photos and videos while soaking in this pouring rain as usual in this condition are also making their regular recordings. Actress Sakshi Agarwal, one of the Bigg Boss show contestants, posted photos on her Instagram of herself standing on the terrace and posing in the rain.

He also sings the song ‘Nee Varumpodu …’ from the movie ‘Rain’ starring Jayam Ravi. Sakshi Agarwal also said that soaking in the rain like this reminds me of my childhood and advised everyone to be safe at home today and tomorrow.

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