Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

    Super Singer Season 8 has been going on to so many different highs. The Grand Launch featured so many wonderful guest stars. From Shankar Mahadevan to Hariharan, the judges have been exemplary. The judges Anuradha SriRam, Unni Krishnan, Benny Dayal and Kalpana Raghavendar have aptly encouraged and motivated the contestants to do better.

    With many seasons, the show’s format has also seen a change. The tempo is much crisper, and the eliminations are quicker and easier. It seems since we have reached the Top 8, the finale is not far ahead. The Top 8 were decided with an innovative twist. The contestants had a duet with the contestants of the previous seasons. A brilliant homage and an exciting event all in one go.

    Super Singer Top 8 Contestants

    Sr No.Contestant NameTeamStatus
    1Vrusha BaluAnuradh-UnniEliminated
    (27th June 2021)
    2Vanathi SureshBenny-KalpanaEliminated
    (25th April 2021)
    3Abhilash V.Anuradh-UnniIn Top 8
    4Anu AnandBenny-KalpanaIn Top 8
    5Kabhini MithraAnuradh-UnniEliminated
    (20th Mar 2021)
    6Sushmita NarasimhanAnuradh-UnniEliminated
    (27th Feb 2021)
    7Reshma ShyamBenny-KalpanaEliminated
    (27th March 2021)
    8Kanimozhi KabilaneAnuradh-UnniEliminated
    (13th March 2021)
    9Sridhar SenaAnuradh-UnniIn Top 8
    10Kumuthini PandianAnuradh-UnniEliminated
    (17th April 2021)
    11KJ IyenarBenny-KalpanaIn Top 8
    12Maanasi KannanAnuradh-UnniIn Top 8
    13Balaji SriBenny-KalpanaEliminated
    (16th May 2021)
    14Adithya KrishnaBenny-KalpanaIn Top 8
    15Aravind KarneeswaranBenny-KalpanaEliminated
    (25th July 2021)
    16Bharat RajeshBenny-KalpanaIn Top 8
    17Jakkulin MaryBenny-KalpanaEliminated
    (6th March 2021)
    18Puratchi ManiAnuradh-UnniEliminated
    (3rd April 2021)
    (11th July 2021)
    20Muthu SirpiAnuradh-UnniIn Top 8


    The pace is up, and it looks like Super Singer will take the next few weeks with a bang.

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