Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

    Solo Levelling has been doing extremely well. The manhwa series created by Chungong has found fans all around the world. The series follows Jin Woo who becomes the greatest fighter in human history. He gains a mystery power from an entity called ‘The System’, this promises him limitless power.

    Solo Leveling has become a global phenomena. Jin Woo’s character has won a lot of fans. In the current arc, a huge war is about to take place. Jin Woo is trying to speak to the Marshalls and get things rolling, but there are some larger things at play. Solo Levelling Chapter 169 was supposed to be released a while ago, but the manhwa artist has taken a break. It will be released on October 14, 2021.

    Solo Levelling Chapter 169 Spoilers

    • The war is on, the monarch of destruction is here to destroy earth.
    • Jin Woo has brought all the hunters together to face him.
    • But not everyone will believe Jin Woo so he will be left alone.
    • But in all this, a mysterious gate opens in Canada and China simultaneously.
    • A strong entity appears in Canada, and Jin Woo isn’t around to protect the populace.

    The delay was long, but the chapter ends on a perfect cliffhanger. Let’s wait and watch what will happen next.


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