Tue. May 24th, 2022

    Bigg Boss 15 is having its moment. The very riveting Bigg Boss Season 15 has had a wonderful turn of events. The contestants are bringing in the drama and the suspense has been immense. Host Salman Khan’s star power has brought in new fans everyday to the show.

    This week has been tumultuous for the show. The love birds Miesha and Leshaan are opening up and being vulnerable with this. On the other hand, Pratik is on the news again this time around he is the victim. Karan Kundraa attacked him brutally when it came to a task.

    Bigg Boss 15 Voting Trends

    Here are the nominated contestants for this week:

    • Akasa
    • Ieshaan Sehgaal
    • Vishal Kotian
    • Donal Bisht
    • Vidhi Pandya
    • Afsana Khan

    According to unofficial reports, here are the voting trends:

    • Vishal Kotian – 29.47% (5390 votes)
    • Vidhi Pandya – 23.44% (4287 votes)
    • Donal Bisht – 13.43% (2456 votes)
    • Afsana Khan – 12.54% (2293 votes)
    • Akasa – 11.69% (2138 votes)
    • Leshaan Sehgaal – 9.42% (1723 votes)

    The analysis reveals that love bird Leshaan is in danger. Despite his chemistry, this week looks challenging for him. The audiences are slowly warming up to him. But it seems like it could be too late. Let’s wait and watch!

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