Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

    Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has been trending and has so many theories at work. Netizens of the two most charismatic VJ Sunny and Shanmukh Jaswanth are at war. Fans of the both are setting twitter on fire with their rapid fire responses. This began when Siri holds Sunny and tries to stop him from throwing the balls. Shanmukh intervened and the fight was ugly. Host Nagarjuna also weighed on this issue.

    This week’s captaincy task is very interesting. BB Hotel has split the contestants into hotel staff and guests. Staff impress the guests get points and move up the ladder. As of now the following contestants have been eliminated- Sarayu, Umadevi, Lahari, Nataraj master, Hamida, Shweta Verma and Vishwa.

    Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Elimination Week 10

    Here are the nominated contestants for this week-

    • Ravi
    • Siri
    • Sunny
    • Maanas
    • Kajal

    Here are the unofficial voting results-

    • Ravi – 25% votes
    • Siri – 21% votes
    • Sunny – 29% votes
    • Maanas – 15% votes
    • Kajal – 10% votes

    This week is full of strong contestants as the show is coming to an end. RJ Kajal will be leaving the competition since her performance has been lackluster. This time around the show will not have the pizzazz that the last season did. It seems that this season has been subdued, and the showrunners are trying to get the contestants to react and fight. Sunny and Shanmukh fighting it is going to increase more attention on the show.

    How to vote for your favourite contestant

    You can vote using missed call or even through the app.

    Sr No.Contestant NameMissed Call Number
    2VJ Sunny8886658202
    5Anee Master8886658205
    12Natraj Master8886658212
    15Uma Devi8886658215
    17RJ Kajal8886658217
    19Anchor Ravi8886658219

    Voting through Hotstar:

    • Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 voting process on Hotstar involves logging into the app.
    • You can search for Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 and see the pictures of the contestants.
    • Amongst them you can vote upto ten times a day.

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