Fri. May 17th, 2024

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 has turned up the heat this week. The last week the contestant Neetha was eliminated. This was something that all of us had expected. But this week, the contestants were pushed to the peak of stress. They found themselves under fire under the gaze of host Mahesh Manjrekar who is under tremendous pressure. He revealed that he considers Vishal and Jay to be his top contestants.

This had the opposite effect as netizens angrily pointed out that he had not appreciated the other contestants especially Vikas who has been under for his derogatory comments. Netizens have rightfully pointed that three contestants are ruining the vibe of the glass house. They are- Utkarsh, Meera and Jay haven’t been called out for their behavior. It is seen yet again as to how the showrunners are favouring these three over the rest. Things have truly gone downhill as of now.

Bigg Boss Week 9 Voting Results

Here are the contestants who are nominated this week-

  • Sneha Wagh
  • Sonali Patil
  • Mira Jagannath
  • Gayatri Datar
  • Santosh Chaudhary (Dadus)
  • Utkarsh Shinde

Here are the unofficial voting results-

  • Sneha Wagh – 12% votes
  • Sonali Patil – 28% votes (SAFE)
  • Mira Jagannath – 23% votes
  • Gayatri Datar – 8% votes
  • Santosh Chaudhary (Dadus) – 10% votes
  • Utkarsh Shinde – 21% votes

The results are way too surprising because Gayatri is the captain this week. According to reports she is also one of the finest performers. A few reports are emerging, it seems that Gayatri has been injured in a task, and that she will be out this week. It seems the reports are sure that she will be out.

Bigg Boss Marathi How to Vote for your Favourites

This is one of the ways to vote for your favourites-

  • Download the Voot App based on the mobile software used
  • Then register your account using your social media credentials
  • Once done, search for Bigg Boss Marathi 3
  • Finally, vote for your favourite contestants by clicking the ‘Vote Now’ button.
  • You can cast up to 99 votes per day.

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