Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    MTV Roadies Revolution has always been filled with power packed action. The last episode saw the shocking eviction of Shreya and Zabi so close to the finale. There were twists by the dozen and the main one was the announcement of the first finalist. The Semi-Finals Task was surely an eye opener and a battle field set for seven contestants. This week, the winners of the semi-finals task will take the limelight. There is so much happening and so much to happen, the tension is high and so are the expectations.

    Roadies Revolution Semi-Finals Task Updates

    The semi finale tasks will be based on a battle between two members. This will bring in a plethora of surprises for the audience during the high end drama the finalists of MTV Roadies Revolution will be announced. Roadies Revolution has one of its most shocking vote outs a few weeks ago wherein Aman and Arushi Chawla were seen walking out of the door but the makers had something else in mind and they brought them back.

    Hamid will compete against Micheal to become the first finalist of MTV Roadies Revolution. Arushi will compete against Poonam. Jayant will compete against Abhimanyu and will manage to reach the finals. Akash will compete against Vipin and although Vipin has been exceptional throughout the show, Akash will move forward.

    MTV Roadies Revolution Semi-Finalists

    Micheal Ajay – Team Nikhil

    Hamid Barkzi – Team Nikhil

    Vipin Kumar – Team Varun

    Jayant Yadav – Team Varun

    Akash Verma – Team Prince

    Abhimanyu Singh – Team Neha

    Poonam Shah – Team Neha

    MTV Roadies Revolution First Finalist

    The people have spoken, Hamid Barkzi becomes the first finalist of MTV Roadies Revolution.

    MTV Roadies Revolution Second Finalist

    While many already know that Akash Verma is the second finalist of MTV Roadies Revolution, the other two finalists have also been revealed as per reports.The other finalists of MTV Roadies Revolution are Jayant Yadav and Arushi Chawla.

    MTV Roadies Revolution Finalists List

    1. Arushi Chawla
    2. Hamid Barkzi
    3. Jayant Yadav
    4. Akash

    MTV Roadies Revolution Winner

    Current sources reveal that the winner of MTV Roadies Revolution will be Hamid Barkzi. This will be a huge reason for joy across many fandoms as Hamid is the most loved contestant this season. However, official confirmation of this news will only received once the grand finale of MTV Roadies Revolution will be aired to confirm the speculations.

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