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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 is going through an overhaul. Host Kamal Haasan has been affected by Covid-19 hence he is out of the picture. It has also been discovered that host Kamal Haasan is unable to take up filming the next few episodes. He is receiving treatment from a prestigious hospital and is recovering.

According to the latest reports, Ramya Krishnan will take over the show as the host. If rumours are to be believed, the actress shot one of the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. This is excellent news since the actress has the right gravitas and presence to be the host. She will also be one of the first ones to join the show as a female host.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Week 8 Results

Here are the nomination lists for this week-

  • Imman
  • Iykki
  • Niroop
  • Pavani
  • Priyanka
  • Thamarai

According to unofficial polls here are the results-

  • Priyanka – 20.79%
  • Thamarai – 19.55%
  • Pavani – 18.34%
  • Niroop – 15.19%
  • Imman – 13.86%
  • Iykki – 12.28%

It is clear the Iykki will be out this week. Her lackluster performance has been contended and it seems this will be last hurrah on the show.

Here is the updated contestant list and other details.

Contestant Name Profession Status
1 Madhumita Sarcar Costume Designer Eliminated
(14th November 2021)
2 Gana Isaivani Singer Eliminated
(21st November 2021)
3 Raju Jeyamohan Actor Competing
4 Akshara Reddy Model Competing
5 Pavani Reddy Actress / Model Competing
6 Ciby Chandran Actor Competing
7 Abhishek Raaja VJ / Reviewer Competing
(24th October 2021)
8 Shruthi Jayadevan Model Eliminated
(7th November 2021)
9 Chinna Ponnu Singer Eliminated
(31st October 2021)
10 Iykki Berry Singer Competing
11 Thamarai Selvi Actress Competing
12 Niroop Nandkumar Actor Competing
13 Priyanka Deshpande Host Competing
14 Varun Actor Competing
15 Nadia Chang Video Creator Eliminated
(17th October 2021)
16 Imman Annachi Actor Competing
17 Abhinay Vaddi Actor Competing
18 Namitha Marimuthu Actress Walked
(Medical Reason)

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