Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

    Black Clover has made massive inroads in the plot. Black Clover Chapter 301 will feature the fight between the Magic Knights and the Supreme Devil Magicula. As with all shounen manga, Weekly Jump is taking a break till August 1, 2021. This is on account of the Tokyo Olympics and this means fans will see the Chapter 301 only in the upcoming week. The story is going at an amazing pace, so this does put a bit of a damper for long time readers.

    The best we can do is to speculate and theorise on the various possibilities in the upcoming chapters. Last chapter was titled, ‘Beyond Tenacity’, so this chapter will feature the aftermath of this exciting battle. It will also reveal the motivations and perspectives from Magicula. Black Clover has always given us the villain’s side of things, and this is what makes the manga so good.

    Black Clover Chapter 301 Spoilers

    • Magicula has revealed her immortality and that her body is under a high recovery spell.
    • Noelle is trying to understand her motivations because she is heavily weakened and cannot use the Saint Stage.
    • Magicula decides to end the battle by creating beasts to swallow up the fighters.
    • Noelle does the unthinkable and surpasses her limits. She enters the Valkyrie form, this amazes Magicula who praises her determination.
    • Lolopechika is also ready to fight and win no matter what.
    • Asta enters the fray and saves the day.

    Black Clover Chapter 301 Theories

    • Megicula doesn’t die in the battle. She might get sealed and curse the protagonists.
    • Morris will enter the fray, and share their thoughts.
    • Liebe will be communicating either in his chibi form or even in his true form.
    • Could Noelle also form a contract with a devil? This is hotly debated since a noble entering the contract is interesting twist.
    • Megicula will drop a reveal regarding Licita’s curse and which will trigger Liebe.


    Let’s wait and watch how this chapter will evolve.

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