Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

    Boku no Hero Academia has taken a very emotional turn. The current chapter will resolve and reveal Deku’s thought processes.  In the last few chapters we saw that Deku was going through a lot emotionally. He has lost his way, and is lashing out a lot. The students of UA have taken the step to help him out. They have confronted him and understood his issues. Boku noHero Academia Chapter 324 is yet to have a specific release date. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the chapter has been delayed.

    In this previous chapter Bakugo has revealed his emotional side, he has formally apologised and asked for forgiveness from Deku. Deku seems to be accepting and has calmed down significantly. Now the fact remains Deku needs to return to UA.

    Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 324 Spoilers

    • Deku has regained consciousness and he finds himself in UA.
    • But there is bad news, he is surrounded by protestors who want him out of the school.
    • The citizens are aware that Deku is the boy that Shigaraki is pursuing and they want him out of the school. They believe that his presence is endangering their kids.
    • Present Mic is unsuccessful in convincing them.
    • “Who will save heroes when they are in pain,” is the underlying theme.
    • The society is quick to turn on the heroes and the fact is that they want Deku to pay for the damage his being as caused.

    The manga has now taken a depressing turn. It seems Horikoshi no longer wants to use the same syrupy tone he had in the beginning. The tone is more darker and realistic. Will this aid in Deku’s character development seems to be answered.

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