Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

    Survivor Tamil is a reality show like no other. The veteran actor Arjun is hosting the show. This show will take its roots from the Survivor format of shows from the US and other western countries. The format is simple contestants are divided into tribes, and they have to fend for themselves in a remote island. They are cut off from all modern amenities and have to fend for themselves.

    In Survivor Tamil, there are 18 contestants, and they are divided into two tribes. These tribes will have its own chief, and in the Tribal Council, the contestants will be eliminated. Each week there will be one contestant who will be eliminated. The contestants are a mix of celebrities from actors to commoners.

    Survivor Tamil Elimination Updates

    Sl. NoContestantsProfession
    1Vijayalakshmi AhathianActress
    2Gayathri ReddyActress
    3Srushti DangeActress
    5VJ ParvathyAnchor
    7Besant RaviActor
    8Umapathy RamaiahActor
    9Lady KashSinger
    10Amjath KhanActor
    11Narayan LuckyActor
    13Lakshmi Priyaa ChandramouliActress
    14Saran ShakthiActress
    17Indraja Shankar (Robo Shankar Daughter)Commoner
    18Ram CActor

    According to reports one contestant will be eliminated this week. Let’s wait and watch!

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