Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

    Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 has entered the 50th day. The show has brought the spice and magic back to the Bigg Boss series. Host Kamal Hassan has been leaking secrets and the show has been trending. The show has been eliminating contestants in a surprising turn of events.

    Nadia Chang was the first Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestant to get evicted. Following her, Abishek Raaja, who was a good contestant got evicted from Bigg Boss house. Then Chinna Ponnu and followed by Suruthi and in the last week Madumitha got evicted from Bigg Boss house. Abhishek Raaja was brought back as a Wild Card to the joy of netizens.

    Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Nomination Week 8

    Akshara, Pavni, Thamarai Selv, Ciby, Imman, Abhinay, Isaivani, Ikkyi and Niroop were among the nine nominees¬† last week. In yesterday’s episode, Isaivani got evicted, and she gave the coin to Abhinay.¬† The coin is very significant and powerful. The holders of this coin will be given the opportunity to choose someone else to replace them if they are in the nomination. But so far, no one has made use of the coin during the nomination process.

    Netizens are worried that the contestants are intentionally not using following showrunner orders. It seems that the show has been decided and they cannot make use of the coin at all. This theory states that the coin is a mere prop made up to show that the show has some sort of control. This week’s nomination list is yet to be revealed but netizens have some guesses. It might be-

    • Abhinay
    • Thamarai
    • Akshara
    • Ikki
    • Niroop
    • Pavani
    • Ciby
    • Imman

    Here is the updated contestant list and other details.

    Contestant NameProfessionStatus
    1Madhumita SarcarCostume DesignerEliminated
    (14th November 2021)
    2Gana IsaivaniSingerEliminated
    (21st November 2021)
    3Raju JeyamohanActorCompeting
    4Akshara ReddyModelCompeting
    5Pavani ReddyActress / ModelCompeting
    6Ciby ChandranActorCompeting
    7Abhishek RaajaVJ / ReviewerCompeting
    (24th October 2021)
    8Shruthi JayadevanModelEliminated
    (7th November 2021)
    9Chinna PonnuSingerEliminated
    (31st October 2021)
    10Iykki BerrySingerCompeting
    11Thamarai SelviActressCompeting
    12Niroop NandkumarActorCompeting
    13Priyanka DeshpandeHostCompeting
    15Nadia ChangVideo CreatorEliminated
    (17th October 2021)
    16Imman AnnachiActorCompeting
    17Abhinay VaddiActorCompeting
    18Namitha MarimuthuActressWalked
    (Medical Reason)

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